19 February 2023 ICPC SWERC 2022 is over, EPFL wins a bronze medal 🏆

Both EPFL teams finally finished competing in ICPC SWERC 2022, with one of the teams winning a bronze medal 🥳. We congratulate both teams on their great achievement 🏆 with this edition of SWERC having a record of 120 teams participating, and by far the strongest teams so far. You can now access the scoreboard as well as the problemset!

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11 December 2022 Swiss Subregional 2022/23 Results

The selection contest for SWERC 2023 is over 🥳. We congratulate the winners on their great achievement and and wish them all the best for the contest in Milano. Congratulations also to our colleagues in ETH Zürich. You can now access the problem set as well as the solutions!

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30 November 2022 ICPC Selection Contest 2022/2023

PolyProg is inviting you to the 2022 Swiss Subregional, the ICPC SWERC selection for EPFL and ETHZ 🥳🏆
The contest will take place on Saturday, 10th December, 2022 from 9:00 to 17:30 in C05
register now!

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20 November 2022 Bloomberg Bpuzzled 2022

Bloomberg invites you to BPuzzled their annual, global, puzzle competition.
You will work in teams of 3-4 and use problem solving, creative thinking and teamwork to solve challenging and intricate puzzles.
Qualifiers are held at various universities around the world and the winning team from each qualifier is invited to take part in a virtual global final in early 2023… With top prizes up for grabs!
The competition will take place in EPFL On Wednesday, 7 December 2022 From 04:30pm to 08:00pm.
If you like puzzles and brainteasers, don’t miss this opportunity and register here!

15 October 2022 EPFL in ICPC Training Camp 2022

This month, one of the EPFL Teams was invited to this year’s ICPC University Commons, the ICPC Training Camp in Poland Powered by Huawei.
Contestants took part in 3 ICPC contests done by Peking University and Wrocław University, alongside the Top ICPC teams from all European Regionals. Congratulations to our contestants and all other teams that took part in this camp. We hope to see the next year’s contestants there too! Image 1

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7 October 2022 General Assembly 2022

Our General Assembly will happen Tuesday, October 11th at 19:00 in BC010.
If you’re interested in organizing events and meeting a bunch of cool people, come join us!

24 July 2022 EPFL in 2nd European Top Contest Talent Summit by Huawei

Following ICPC SWERC 2021, both EPFL Teams were invited to take part in the 2nd edition of the European Top Contest Talent Summit in Croatia, for a fun trip where they also got to meet other ICPC teams. Image 1

7 March 2022 ICPC SWERC 2021 is over 🥳

Both EPFL teams just returned from Milano after competing in ICPC SWERC 2021, with one of the teams being one rank shy of a bronze medal. We congratulate both teams on their performance and we look forward to next year’s edition. You can now access the scoreboard as well as the problemset!

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17 November 2021 ICPC Selection Contest 2021/2022

Registration for the Swiss Subregional contest 2021 are now open!
This is your chance to represent EPFL!, register now!

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3 November 2021 Bloomberg Bpuzzled 2021

Bloomberg invites you to BPuzzled, their exciting competition designed by Bloomberg Software Engineers.
If you like puzzles and brainteasers, don’t miss this opportunity to have fun and win prizes!
The winning team from EPFL will be invited to take part in a virtual global final against other universities. Register here!

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13 October 2021 General Assembly 2021

Our General Assembly will happen Wednesday, October 13 at 19:00 on Zoom.
If you’re interested in organizing events and meeting a bunch of cool people, come join us!

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11 April 2017 The Martian Challenge 2017

The second edition of the Martian Challenge is coming soon!
It is sponsored by Agepoly, the EPFL students general association, and Bloomberg.
Interested? Register here!

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1 March 2017 Helvetic Coding Contest 2017

The Helvetic Coding Contest is coming!
Help us find Heidi, our mascot, who seems to have gotten lost… More info on!

18 October 2016 2016 General Assembly

Our General Assembly will be held on Wednesday, October 19 at 19:00 in BC 410.
If you’re interested in helping us, this is the event to attend! We hope to see you there. <3

27 September 2016 Bloomberg CodeCon qualification round

Not a PolyProg event, but you may find it interesting!

CodeCon is a programming contest developed in-house at Bloomberg. Push your programming and problem solving skills to the limit against the clock to win the title of Bloomberg CodeCon Champion!

The qualifying round will take place during the EPFL Forum in INF 1 and 2 at 6PM, 13th October 2016.

More information on

26 September 2016 2016 Welcome Event

What’s this PolyProg thing anyway? Can you eat it? Does it move on its own?

Come find out who we are and what we do at our annual Welcome Event!

It will take place on October 5th at 18:00 in BC 410.
An apéro will follow, so you really have no reason not to come. :D

26 September 2016 ICPC Selection Contest

Do you think you have what it takes to represent EPFL at the ACM ICPC SouthWestern Europe Regional Contest, and maybe go on to win the world finals?

Or do you just want to discover algorithmic contests and test your skills?
That’s fine too!

PolyProg is organizing the selection contest for SWERC on Saturday, October 8 at 10:00 in INF 2/3. Please register if you’re interested.

3 December 2015 Seminar of the 2nd of December

Jonas Wagner presents techniques on how to become a faster competition programmer.

3 December 2015 Pictures and scores from Santa's challenge

Santa came and brought many exciting programming challenges. Congratulations to the 82 teams who solved them!

You can now access pictures and the final scoreboard of the competition.

16 November 2015 Seminar of the 18th of November

This Wednesday, November 18, at 18:15 in INF3, we will give a seminar about path-finding algorithms. Topics will be Dijkstra, Bellman-Ford, A*, and others. The seminar will be given by Christian Zommerfelds. Anyone is welcome to join. Hope to see you there!

13 November 2015 Participate online at the Amirkabir ICPC contest

The Amirkabir University of Technology (Iran) is organizing their ICPC selection contest on Saturday, November 20, at 11:00 CET.

For the first time, the contest is open to teams from other universities. If you would like to participate, register online.

11 November 2015 The registration for Santa's Algorithmic Challenge is now open

We are excited to announce the third edition of Santa’s Algorithmic Challenge, which takes place on November 30! Please find here more information about this Christmas-themed contest and don’t forget to register before November 23. See you there!

2 November 2015 Seminar of the 4th of November

We are having another problem solving seminar this week, on Wednesday, November 4, at 18:15 in INF3. This time we will tackle more complicated problems. We’ll use the problems D, G and H from the previous Selection Contest problem set. If you need access to the problem, please contact (the problem set is not public). Jakub Tarnawski will go through these three problems and explain how you can solve them within the time constraints. Hope to see you there!

2 November 2015 Seminar of the 28th of October

In this seminar, Jakub Tarnawski explained how to solve the easier to medium problems of the selection contest (i.e. problem B, E, C and I).

If you are interested to follow those seminars, please subscribe to the PolyProg newsletter.

2 November 2015 Seminar of the 21st of October

In this introductory seminar, Jonas Wagner covered problem A of the selection contest as well as general advices for programming competitions.

If you are interested to follow those seminars, please subscribe to the PolyProg newsletter.

31 October 2015 PolyProg general assembly

Following the general assembly on 14 October 2015 (a detailled report can be found in the statutes page), a new committee has been elected :

  • Christian Zommerfelds (President)
  • Solal Pirelli (Vice President)
  • Simon Meinhard (Treasurer)
  • Valérian Rousset (HC2 coordinator)
  • Angelina Steffens (Member of committee)
  • Joey Zennhäusern (Member of committee)
  • Wajeb Saab (Member of committee)

PolyProg would like to thank the former treasurer, Jonas Wagner, who contributed in an outstanding way to the association for many years!

Furthermore, we have decided to abolish membership fees. However, we will accept donations from people who also want to contribute in a financial way.

Finally, this year, there might be two new exciting events, so stay tuned! :-)

5 October 2015 SWERC Selection Contest

Do you think you have got what it takes to represent EPFL at the Southwestern Europe Regional Contest in Porto? Then register quickly and become one of six lucky coders to travel to Portugal this November.

The Selection Contest is an algorithmic programming contest. Microsoft will be sponsoring this year’s event and throw in some cool prizes, among them an Xbox for the best participant at the selection contest. Microsoft will give a tech talk about Big Data.

We will expect you on the 10th of October, 10:00 in front of INF3. Snacks and Drinks will be provided.

See you there!

22 September 2015 PolyProg Activities 15/16

Dear friends of programming and algorithms, PolyProg is an EPFL association that promotes interest and skills in algorithmic programming. PolyProg organizes contests, trains EPFL students for international programming competitions, and organizes trips to the contest locations. Interested? Check out the exciting events that we have coming up:

  • Welcome Event (BC410, 23.9.2015 18:15) TOMORROW
    During this event we will present what our association does and how you can get involved. Afterwards there will be an apéro.

  • Selection Contest (INF3, 10.10.2015, 10:15)
    This contest will determine who gets to represent EPFL at the Southwestern Europe Regional Contest in Porto.

  • General Assembly (BC410, 14.10.2015 18:15)
    An official meeting where you can become an association or even a committee member.

  • Santas Algorithmic Challenge (Location to be announced, 30.11.2015) EPFL internal contest, organized by Prof. Ola Svensson in collaboration with PolyProg

  • Helvetic Coding Contest (Location to be announced, 19.03.2016)
    The biggest programming challenge in Switzerland! Have fun solving problems in teams of up to three people.
    We are also recruiting members for the contest committee, send us an e-mail at if you’re interested.

To stay informed you can register on our website, which will put you on our mailing list.In case you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Best regards The PolyProg committee

11 March 2015 Helvetic Coding Contest coming up!

The 6th edition of the Helvetic Coding Contest will take place on March 21st. Check out the HC2 website.

9 March 2015 Google Hash Code 2015

PolyProg will host a hub for Google Hash Code 2015 at INF 2.

Feel free to join, but register at Be there at 18:15. Happy coding!

1 November 2014 Upcoming PolyProg Events

Seminar: Introduction to competition programming: Tuesday, November 4, 18:15 in BC07/08. The seminar will cover how to practice for competitions, and an overview of the most useful programming language features.

Advanced Seminars: Dynamic Programming, Monday November 3, 18:10 in INF 211.

The other seminar days to mark in your agenda: November 10, November 13, and November 17.

Saturday training competitions: Participate online in a virtual contest on the PolyProg group on CodeForces. The contest is “virtual” because you can start whenever you want. The contest ends latest on Saturday 15:00, when the coaches will explain the problems and their solutions. You can participate as a team or alone.

Contest dates:

  • November 1: 2014-2015 ACM-ICPC, NEERC, Eastern Subregional Contest. Damian will discuss it at 15:00 in INJ 110.
  • November 8
  • November 15.

Stay tuned by subscribing to the PolyProg Google Calendar and liking PolyProg on Facebook!

8 October 2014 Selection Contest Infos

This Saturday, 11.10.2014, we host the Selection Contest for EPFL’s representation at the ACM ICPC regional contest SWERC, in Porto, Portugal. The Selection Contest takes place at INF3 and has the following schedule:

11:00 We open the doors at INF3 and you can get familiar with the contest environment
11:30 Last infos and system reboot
12:00 Contest begins
17:00 Contest ends & problem discussion

We encourage everyone to participate in the selection contest, you don’t need to be a PolyProg member and you can be an exchange student. If you make it to the top 6, and intend to represent EPFL at SWERC please consider the ICPC eligibilty decision tree and bring a passport.

Registration is necessary for the selection contest and can be done here. We will provide snacks during the event.

26 September 2014 Fall 2014 Activities

PolyProg offers you a number of activities this fall.

Is PolyProg for me?
Find out at the General Assembly, on October 1, 18:30 in BC01

Any competitions happening?
Yeah! Come to our selection contest for SWERC on October 11, 12:00, INF3. This contest requires online registration.

I want to learn more…
There’s plenty to learn at our weekly seminars and practice sessions that will start mid-October.

Keep me posted!
Sure! Click on “Login” above, and we’ll send you our newsletter.

23 September 2014 PolyProg General Assembly

Want to learn more about PolyProg? Thinking of getting involved? Interested in Algorithms and Programming?

Come to our General Assembly on October 1, 18:30 in BC01.

We will present our association, show pictures and reports of past PolyProg events, and discuss the coming season. It will also be the time to elect the committee and find people that are interested in joining the association to make exciting programming events happen. An apéro awaits you at the end of the GA.

25 November 2013 Beginner Series Competition Programming

To allow interested people to enter the programming competition world, PolyProg has created a series of beginner seminars that will take place at BC07/08 on the following dates:

Mon 25.11. at 18:15
Mon 2.12. at 18:15
Fri 13.12. at 19:15

11 November 2013 Santa's Algorithmic Challenge

On December 9, the first edition of Santa’s Algorithmic Challenge will be held at EPFL!

Register quickly, places are limited.

18 October 2013 Selection Contest Results

The selection contest for SWERC 2013 is over and the ranking can be seen here. We congratulate the winners on their great achievement and and wish them all the best for the contest in Valencia. Congratulations also to our colleagues in Zürich.

Image 1 Image 2

8 October 2013 Selection Contest Registration is open!

You may now register for our selection contest on

Put your programming skills to the test and win a trip to SWERC in Valencia, Spain!

The contest will take place in INF2 from 11:30 - 18:00.

13 September 2013 Welcome (back) on Campus!

PolyProg welcomes you onto the EPFL campus for a new academic year that will be full of projects, fascinating subjects and student life. To foster long-term success without having the latter fall by the wayside, PolyProg invented a leisure time creator. It is, as is any real system, causal, meaning that an initial investment is required of you in order to reap its benefits.

PolyProg vous souhaite la bienvenue sur le campus de l’EPFL pour une nouvelle année académique riche en projets, matières passionnantes et vie estudiantine. Afin de favoriser votre succès à long terme sans que cette dernière ne reste sur le carreau, PolyProg a inventé une machine à  loisirs! Elle est, comme tout système réel, causale, c’est-à-dire qu’un investissement initial vous est réclamé avant que vous n’en puissiez récolter les fruits

Read more

20 March 2013 HC2 is over

The Helvetic Coding Contest 2013 is history! Once again, the best coders from all over Switzerland have met at EPFL in Lausanne to demonstrate their abilities in algorithmic coding.

Please visit the official HC2 website for more information:


17 January 2013 Helvetic Coding Contest in the works

We are currently working hard on our next big event: The Helvetic Coding Contest!

We are aiming at providing you with some seminars starting February 21st, so that you are all well prepared ;).

19 December 2012 Beginner seminar this week

as a further seminar of our beginner seminar series, Nikolay will explain to you the very basic algorithms when it comes to graphs, Breadth- and Depth-First-Search. You will learn how to implement graphs and how to traverse them using these methods and will solve some basic tasks related to these algorithms. We will in later seminars build up on that knowledge to develop more complex graph algorithms. See you on Thursday, 18:15 in BC 07/08.

10 December 2012 Flash Article 5.12.2012

The most recent Flash contains a short article about PolyProg! Check it out:


22 November 2012 Facebook contest details

Tomorrow’s facebook contest will be hosted on InterviewStreet.

It is an individual challenge; you are given a problem statement and 90-120 minutes to solve it using any programming language supported by InterviewStreet (C++, Java, Python, PHP etc…).

18 November 2012 Valiant PolyKnights and Evil Poker Faces

Results from the SWERC contest in Valencia have just arrived. We congratulate the team “Poly Knights” for their excellent 7th place, and team “Evil Poker Faces from Lausanne” for achieving the 21st place (out of 44 teams).

More information and team pictures are online.

16 November 2012 Facebook contest

This Thursday 22nd, PolyProg will be hosting a short programming contest hosted by facebook (facebook will be at EPFL earlier that day: Join us and show off your programming skills!
As usual, we will meet in BC07/BC08 at 18:15.

12 November 2012 iOS/ Android developers for Junior Enterprise EPFL

do you have experience in iOS/Android development? Do you want to expand it while making money?

Junior Enterprise EPFL is an association that helps companies who want to launch small projects find students to do it. Recently, a lot of projects are about mobile app development, and Junior Enterprise is looking for people with knowledge in that domain. Current or prospective projects range from static information display over QR code applications to bluetooth networking! And I hear the pay can be significantly better than what you get as teaching assistant ;) .

Check out their website:

29 October 2012 SWERC Selection Contest Results

Congratulations to the following participants for qualifying to represent EPFL at SWERC this year:

  1. Tam Nguyen Thanh
  2. Samuel Grütter
  3. Nikolay Ulyanov
  4. Titus Cieslewski
  5. Hoai Xuan Luong
  6. Mario Geiger

Also, congratulations to Jeremy Constantin for scoring the highest rank in the contest! Unfortunately, Jeremy is no longer eligible to participate at SWERC.

26 October 2012 SWERC Selection Contest - last minute info

Tomorrow, Saturday October 27th is the big day, where we will select EPFL’s 6 best coders to represent our institution at SWERC in Valencia (Spain) on November 17-19.

  • Register immediately
  • Meeting point and time : CO5 - 9h30
  • Contest duration : 10h00 - 15h00
  • FAQ

Some food & drinks are available. We wish you best of luck

20 October 2012 Seminars, Challenges, Contests - News

Seminar 1 “Reading Hieroglyphs slides are online !

Seminar 2 “Traveling with the Salesman” slides are online !

Seminar 3 “Minimizing Traffic Congestion” will take place 25/10/2012 18h15-20h00 in BC07

Welcome Contest results are available. Congrats to all participants!

PolyProg Points Challenge 3 is available, Challenge 4 will follow soon, be ready!

4 October 2012 Points challenge & registration

PolyProg’s point challenge is accessible under Participate in the challenge to significantly increase your chances to represent EPFL at the regional ACM ICPC contest in Valencia, Spain.

To register for the PolyProg newsletter, please click on the “Login” link on the top left of the page.

2 October 2012 Upcoming 2012-2013 season's highlights

With the semester beginning, also PolyProg’s seminars, challenges and contests are back. They take a fulminant start - make sure to jump on the bandwagon!

Day Activity
3-8/9/2012 (Week) ETHZ Training week with Russian champions
29/09/2012 (Saturday) PolyProg Points challenge 1 closes
01/10/2012 (Monday) General assembly (CM100 - 18h15)
06/10/2012 (Saturday) PolyProg Points challenge 2 closes
11/10/2012 (Thursday) Seminar 1, all levels (BC07, 18h15-20h00)
13/10/2012 (Saturday) ETHZ online training contest (register now)
  PolyProg Points challenge 3 closes
18/10/2012 (Thursday) Seminar 2, all levels (BC07, 18h15-20h00)
20/10/2012 (Saturday) ETHZ online training contest (register now)
  IEEE Xtreme contest
  PolyProg Points challenge 4 closes
25/10/2012 (Thursday) Seminar 3, all levels (BC07, 18h15-20h00)
27/10/2012 (Saturday) SWERC Selection Contest (register now)
  PolyProg Points challenge 5 closes
01/11/2012 (Thursday) Seminar 4, advanced (BC07, 18h15-20h00)
08/11/2012 (Thursday) Seminar 5, advanced (BC07, 18h15-20h00)
15/11/2012 (Thursday) Seminar 6, advanced (BC07, 18h15-20h00)
17-18/11/2012 (Weekend) SWERC in Valencia
16/03/2013 (Saturday) Helvetic Coding Contest

Read out latest article in EPFL press.

18 September 2012 PolyProg Points Challenge

Want to win a trip to Valencia? We offer a free journey to the six persons who collect the most PolyProg Points. Have a lot of fun!

[Note: This is an old article. PolyProg Points no longer exist. Sorry.]

28 February 2012 Final call for hc2

The spots in the computer labs for hc2 go like hot cakes. By now we are still able to accommodate some further team, but please take good note that the preregistration deadline is February 29th.

23 January 2012 Helvetic Coding Contest 2012

Make sure you get one of the 100 tickets to compete and have fun at Switzerland’s greates coding contest at EPFL on March 17th!

Registration is open and here’s the recipe to success.

14 December 2011 Reading under the Christmas tree

A recent contest problem, analyzed in the Flash Informatique

22 November 2011 Bronze medals for our teams in Madrid

Yesterday, the hard training paid off: The two EPFL teams won bronze medals at the ACM ICPC Southwestern European Regional Contest, ranking 9th (Johannes Wüthrich, Mihai Moraru, Przemyslaw Pietrzkiewicz) and 11th (Cheng Zhong, Le Hung Tran, Cristian Talau). Official results

26 October 2011 Seminar 4

The exercise for seminar 4 is available now. You should have received login credentials by e-mail (otherwise, register to our news-mail first). Note that a VPN connection is necessary to access the server from outside EPFL.

Location : BC08

Time : 27/10/2011 - 18h15

23 October 2011 PolyProg team at 24h-IEEEXtreme

Congratulations to the PolyProg team (Anton Dimitrov, Andrei Giurgiu, Christian Kauth) to their 19th place out of more than 1’000 teams (semiofficial result)!

16 October 2011 EPFL delegation to SWERC

Kudos to all 38 contestants who acted in our thrilling joint EPFL/ETHZ selection contest. At the end of the day, there could be only 6 students to represent the colours of EPFL at the regional finals of the ACM ICPC in Madrid on November 19-20.

The 6 candidates are (ordered by their rank in the contest): Cheng Zhong, Tran Le Hung, Talau Cristian, Johannes Wuthrich, Mihai Moraru and Przemyslaw Pietrzkiewicz. As back-ups qualified Robin Steiger and Octavian Ganea.

The selection committee will announce the final constellation of the 2 EPFL teams (with 3 contestants each) after next week’s training camp at ETHZ.

Last but not least, we’d like to emphasize the exceptional performance of Andrei Giurgiu, who finished as best EPFL student and 2nd overall!

10 October 2011 SWERC selection contest - 15/10/2011

Selection of the 6 students who will represent EPFL at the ACM ICPC regional finals in Madrid November 19-20.

Our contest is open to everybody but only SWERC-eligible students may qualify for Madrid. Register now.

09h30 - Meeting time

09h45 - Rules and last minute announcements

10h00 - Contest begins

15h00 - Contest ends

15h30 - Results & Analysis

16h00 - Aperitif

Get a good last training at our weekly seminar in BC07, 18h15 this Thursday!

6 October 2011 Seminar slides

You may look up the slides of our first seminar on our moodle.

To submit your codes from home, you need to connect via VPN.

3 October 2011 Next contests ...

08/10/2011 - XXV Colombian Programming Contest a good training

15/10/2011 - Selection Contest Subscribe for a trip to Madrid

16/10/2011 - Asia Shanghai regionals a good training

17-22/10/2011 - ETHZ training camp train for your medal in Madrid

22/10/2011 - IEEEXtreme 24h - Find your team-mates

06/11/2011 - Asia Phuket regionals a good training

2 October 2011 PolyProg welcomes you to the campus...

Our first events for this season:

Welcome Contest : A 3-hour contest on October 1st, 2pm, INF1 (level: beginner & advanced). Results.

General Assembly : Within 1h, you’ll know what hides behind the name PolyProg and might get part of it if you wish so! October 4th, CM106, 18h15.

First seminar : Did you enjoy our campus-traversal quiz? How did you solve it? In this first seminar we’ll show you how to get the computer solve it for you! If you know already about this algorithm, we’ll have a more tricky related problem for you :). BC07-08, October 6th, 18h15-20h.

And finally a photo of our booth at the Welcome Day:


15 September 2011 Online contest season opens...

There are 3 keys to success in programming competitions: Training, training and training ;)

Get ready for SWERC by testing your shape on UVa, starting Saturday 17th, 10h-15h

11 September 2011 CodeCup 2012 has started...

Code your AI that plays quantum tic-tac-toe against opponents from all around the world - from September till January.

2 August 2011 Summer challenge

To keep your grey matter in shape throughout summer, we challenge you with a problem from IOI 2011 (proposed by our president). You can find the other tasks and their solutions here.

27 June 2011 Summer time!

The PolyProg committee wishes good luck with the remaining exams and a decent summer!

See you at the associations welcome stands on September 16th!

6 May 2011 Google Code Jam Qualification - May 7th

The contest’s qualification round takes place this Saturday.

We highly encourage you to take part in this competition, be it for winning or just for fun! :)

5 May 2011 Spring Contest Results

Congratulation to the top 3 of the PolyProg Spring Contest: Titus, Peter and Utkarsh!

2 May 2011 Funeasy Contest

Christian and Peter are preparing a tiny and easy 2h contest (3 problems) for this Thursday, 18:15 - 20:30 in BC07/08.

Make sure to come! No subscription is needed, just flock in as you please.

14 April 2011 IO's for seminar playing with graphs

You can get the zip at

12 April 2011 Playing with Graphs [April 14th]

Seminar : BC07/08 - April 14th, 18h15-20h00

29 March 2011 From brute-force to elegance seminar [April 7th]

PolyProg launches its series of spring seminars this April 7th.

At this 1st seminar we teach you how to properly brute-force and then tune your code tremendously via fantastic tricks!

There will be some theory, and a lot of practice! By implementing the codes yourselves during the seminar, you get the best of it!

The overall goal of this seminar series is to prepare you for the selection contest (early October) to SWERC 2011 in Madrid, for which we hope to get some fresh blood into the team. We’ll continue then with advanced seminars for proper preparation of SWERC in October and November.

Place: BC07/08
Time: April 7th, 18h15-20h00
Keywords: Brute-force, dynamic programming, search pruning, hands-on

20 March 2011 hc2 diplomas

Congratulations to all 83 coders in the 30 teams !!

You can fetch your diploma from ELB241 in case you missed the award ceremony.


17 February 2011 HC2 team-up seminar (24/02/2011)

Are you tempted to participate in the Helvetic Coding Contest on March 12th, but have no team yet?

Then this seminar is the place to be! Discuss with other interested participants and build your team before the early-registration deadline of February 25th.

Precious tips and tricks await you during this 45’-session in CE103 at 18h15.

11 February 2011 HC2 registration fees

PolyProg will pay the 5CHF registration fee for its members (i.e. all students having purchased a membership card for 2010-2011).

8 February 2011 HC2 posters out there!

You may or may not have seen them already.

Gather your friends and register!

1 February 2011 Helvetic Coding Contest, 2011 edition

For the second time, PolyProg is going to organize the Helvetic Coding Contest.

Check out the website and make sure to participate!

31 January 2011 CodeCup outcome!

CodeCup 2011 is over and PolyProg congratulates its three participating members (12th, 25th and 35th) on their initiative!

9 December 2010 Last seminar before Christmas

Taste PolyProg’s delicious Christmas cake (for free!) during a talk on “Fair parting” and “Alpha-beta pruning”.

Get into Christmas mood with us in CE 103, Thursday, 16th from 18h15 to 20h00.

18 November 2010 SWERC this weekend... and thereafter?

This weekend, as you might know, the first part of the PolyProg year will conclude with our participation in the SWERC.

But what will happen next? Well, no need to worry, we have something to play around with for all of you: We are going to participate in CodeCup 2011!

For that we will be working on an artificial intelligence for a game.

Curious? Then come to our seminar on the 25th of November at 18:15 in BC07/08!

3 November 2010 Room change for next seminar

The seminar will be held thursday at 18:15 in CE103.

2 November 2010 Selection Contest Outcome

As a result of yesterdays PolyProg selection contest, the following two teams qualified to represent the EPFL in this year’s SWERC in Madrid:

Expect Pwnage From Lausanne

  • Robert R. Enderlein
  • Titus Cieslewski
  • Slobodan Mitrovic

Edgy Programmers From Lausanne

  • Pierluca Borsò
  • Jean-Paul Wenger
  • Robin Steiger

The selection committee compliments all 5 teams on their achievements in this tough contest.


31 October 2010 Advanced seminars

We will organize for ALL of you a series of advanced seminars where you will be shown how really difficult problems can be solved.

The first of them will take place next Thursday 18h15 (room indication will follow) and will handle the problems of the selection contest (read through them on our moodle in advance, as we will just cover the solutions.

28 October 2010 Definitive Selection Contest Modalities

The Contest will be held this Saturday, October 30th at 12:30-18:00 in INF2.

25 October 2010 Problems for the coming seminar

The seminar will be held in BC07/08 on Thursday at 18:15, as usual.

The problems to be treated are:

C,G and I from
I from

25 October 2010 Selection Contest Modalities

This years Selection Contest will be held this Saturday, October 30th at 12:30-18:00.

We don’t know yet in which room, but we will let you know as soon as possible.

As usual, there will be food and drinks available.

Register on the following doodle:

To see the problems of last years selection contest, view the section “Training”.

10 October 2010 Training week at ETH Zurich

The SWERC participants from the ETH in Zurich have invited us to join their training week from october 18th to october 23rd; there will be daily training contests and seminars held by a former ACM ICPC World champion and a Russian ACM coach.

Make sure not to miss this opportunity!

Sign up here until Wednesday evening:

10 October 2010 The next seminar...

… will be held again in BC07/08, Thursday at 18:15.

This time, we will have a look at dynamic programming: When does it make sense to memorize intermediate steps and what is the best way to do this? We will have a look at some algorithms that implement this concept…

Consider the following problem:

And here, some pictures from last time:

Image 1 Image 2

8 October 2010 Join Online Contests!

Whether you are preparing for SWERC or not - join online contests, just as Christian suggested in our first seminar!

They are fun, you can practice cooperation in your team or just ameliorate your skills if you compete alone.

2 October 2010 PolyProg on Moodle

As some of you probably already know, there is a moodle page to support the seminars.

Get the link and the enrolment key on the Events -> Seminars page.

[Note: This is an old piece of news, kept for historical purposes only. The Moodle page does not exist any more.]

2 October 2010 Our next event - This year's first seminar!

What exactly is a graph and how can one represent it in a program?

What are good searching strategies and how do you find the shortest path from vertex A to vertex B?

We will have a look at those and other questions in our next seminar, which will take place this Thursday at 18:15 in BC 07/08.

2 October 2010 Welcome Contest problems

The welcome contest problems are available (and still submittable) at:

Congratulations to the contest winner, Robert! Here, some pictures:

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

28 September 2010 General Assembly Time & Location

The general assembly of tomorrow, 29th of September will take place at 18:15 in CO 123.

24 September 2010 Welcome contest schedule

The welcome contest, which will be held in BC 07/08 on Tuesday, September 28th, will have the following schedule:

18:15-18:30 Registration on
18:45-20:45 Contest
21:00-… Pancakes

You can participate in the contest with no prior registration.

21 September 2010 PolyProg at the association booths

During the association booths, we were delighted to introduce some people to Polyprog; thanks for coming everyone!

Image 1

Image 2