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Feel free to e-mail us at president.polyprog@epfl.ch with any questions or remarks you may have.

Picture of Solal Pirelli
Solal Pirelli
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Tatiana Nikitina
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Ruofan Zhou


PolyProg was originally created by a bunch of algorithms fans at EPFL who wanted to participate in the South-Western Europe Regional Contest (“SWERC”), the regional selection contest for ACM ICPC, the world’s largest competitive programming contest for students.

Thanks to this contest, the PolyProg team met other fun people from Switzerland, which gave them the idea of the Helvetic Coding Contest (“HC2”), which would quickly become Switzerland’s largest competitive programming contest.

The association grew, and organized more events. When Prof. Svensson from EPFL decided to organize a programming competition for students of his Algorithms class, he turned to PolyProg, and thus Santa’s Algorithmic Challenge was born.

In 2016, PolyProg started the Martian Challenge, a contest specifically for 1st year EPFL IC students, to introduce them to competitive programming.

We’re always on the lookout for more fun events to organize, and more collaboration with other universities. This is only the beginning!


Like all associations, PolyProg’s internal rules are codified in a statutes document.

The original is in French; there is also a signed version.

We also provide an English translation, although it has no legal value.

General Assembly minutes

PolyProg holds an ordinary general assembly every year, usually around October.
Here are the minutes of all GAs, in reverse chronological order: