PolyProg is a competitive programming association at EPFL.

We promote the interests and skills in algorithms within EPFL.
We train EPFL students for international contests, such as the ACM ICPC.
We organize events, both for EPFL students and the whole of Switzerland.

Whether you’re novice or experienced, if want to have fun solving algorithmic puzzles, we’re here for you!

If you’re interested in helping us organize events, there’s always something cool to do! Contact us!

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PolyProg’s main activity is to organize programming competitions, for various audiences.
If you know of some international competition we should look into, or wish to organize an event, please contact us.

Accompanying image for event Helvetic Coding Contest
Helvetic Coding Contest

The Helvetic Coding Contest, or HC2 for short, is Switzerland’s largest programming competition.
Participants solve problems of increasing difficulty in a fun atmosphere.

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Accompanying image for event ACM ICPC Local Selection
ACM ICPC Local Selection

PolyProg organizes the local selection contest for ACM ICPC every year.
The best 6 students eligible for ICPC then participate in the South-Western European Regional Contest (SWERC).

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Accompanying image for event Santa's Algorithmic Challenge
Santa's Algorithmic Challenge

While preparing gifts, Santa makes a stop at EPFL to challenge students with his puzzles.
It’s targeted at students taking the Algorithms class, but anybody is welcome to participate!

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Accompanying image for event Martian Challenge
Martian Challenge

The Martian Challenge is a contest for 1st year IC students at EPFL.
Solve fun problems with basic algorithms, and win cool prizes!

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