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Selection contest for ACM ICPC

The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest is the largest student-oriented programming contest in the world. Teams first go through a regional final, and the top teams go on to the world finals.

Every year we are looking for six talented programmers to represent EPFL at the regional final, the Southwestern Europe Regional Contest, which takes place in Porto this year.

These six programmers will make up two teams at SWERC, and in order to find them we hold the selection contest.
During this event you will try to solve a number of algorithmic problems (dynamic programming, graph algorithms, geometry, divide/conquer etc.). The more you solve, the higher you will be ranked.

The event starts at 10:00 with a little introduction, a tech talk by Microsoft (see below) and a dry run in order to familiarize yourself with the environment. At 12:00 the actual contest will begin and last approximately 5 hours. If you would like to come just for the tech talk, please come to INF2 at 11:00.

If you belong to the top six and are eligible then PolyProg will send you to Porto, accompanied by an experienced coach, trip organized and paid for by PolyProg.
If you are not eligible for SWERC, you may still participate and win a cool prize!

Register here.

10:00 Introduction + dry run
11:00 Tech talk by Microsoft / Lunch
12:00 Contest

Tech talk information

If you wish to come for the tech talk only, please register here.


Jovan Cukalovic is a Senior Engineering Manager in Microsoft Development Center Serbia. He has been in Microsoft for more than 6 years, working on several projects in the data management domain: Column Store, Parallel Data Warehouse, HDInsihgt (Hadoop), and Query Store. Today he is part of the team working on smart DB features providing Auto-Tuning for databases by learning and adapting to customer workloads.


Software innovation today: a case of an intelligent DB
A story about how a simple idea transformed a traditional software system into an intelligent DB that learns and adapts to customer application and usage patterns

Helvetic Coding Contest

HC2 is our biggest annual programming conpetition. The competition has a similar format to ACM ICPC competitions and aims to bring together programmers from all sorts of backgrounds and places of Switzenland to one single place. Our goal is to provide a contest in a familiar and friendly ambiente and to bring the Swiss programming landscape to the next level. In our first version back in 2010, 15 teams of two or three people from all kinds of educational institutions joined the HC2. In 2015, 171 contestants joined us in Lausanne from all over Switzerland.

Santa's Algorithmic Challenge

Santa's Challenge is a programming competition at EPFL held close to the end of the fall semester. Santa's Challenge was initiated by Prof. Ola Svensson, and organized in collaboration with PolyProg and Yandex. It is open for Bachelor and Master students at EPFL.